FGDC is excited to offer a summer dance adventure to dancers 6 to 12. This is a great opportunity for dancers and non-dancers a like to try some new dance styles like hip hop and musical theatre. Or maybe practice ones that we participate in already like jazz and ballet, either way we are offering the opportunity to do it all in a fun non-competitive atmosphere.

Classes will be held 9 am to 12pm at our studio which is located at 222 Leith Street. There will be supervision starting at 8:30 and until 12:30 allowing for early drop off and a later pick up.

Cost for the week is $70 + HST  (10% family discount for 2 or more)

If you are interested or would like more information please call Cindy at 622-7879 or email us at

Registration will be held at the studio June 22nd and 24th between 5 and 7. Early fall registration will be done at this time also.


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