Dress Code

Pre/Primary Ballet:
Dancers are to wear a pink body suit with white ankle socks or tights and pink ballet slippers. The hair should be in a bun and off the face.

Dancers are required to wear black body suit with pink tights Hair is to be in a bun and off the face. Pink ballet slippers are required, split sole for the older dancer.

The dancer should have fitted dance wear. Sweatpants, oversized t’s and sweatshirts are not allowed.Dance pants must not drag on the floor, a capri or crop length is the most suitable for dance. Proper footwear is also a must. Hair must be off the face and secured in a elastic.

Patent tap shoes for the younger dancer with elastic if there is no buckle. The older dancer must have a black leather shoe in the oxford style.

Jazz students must have a pair of black jazz shoes. Though many students work in bare feet or foot thongs, everyone should have a pair of shoes. Socks are not allowed in class.

Students taking lyrical should have a pair of foot thongs. There are many varieties out there you may want to check with the teacher.